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Together as a team, we create exceptional and convivial hospitality experiences for each guest at every concept, location and price point our imaginations conceive. 


The Altamarea Group is owned by partners Ahmass Fakahany and Chef Michael White and is comprised of 15 restaurants. Manhattan restaurants: Marea (2009), Osteria Morini (2010), Ai Fiori (2010), Nicoletta (2012), Ristorante Morini (2013), and Vaucluse (2015); Westchester, New York restaurants at The Bedford Post Inn: Campagna and The Barn (2014); New Jersey restaurants: Osteria Morini (2012), Due Mari (2008) and Nicoletta NY (2014); Washington, D.C.: Osteria Morini (2013); Nicoletta NJ (2015). International ventures include Al Molo (2011) in Hong Kong, Ristorante Morini (2013) in Istanbul, Turkey and Chop Shop (2013) Haymarket, London, England.


Altamarea delivers the highest levels of quality and consistency in food and service across distinct brands and concepts supported by our excellent team dedicated fully to the client experience. It has consistently received top recognition and acclaim by the James Beard Foundation, Zagat, New York Times, and Michelin Guide.

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